We are looking for a Senior Java Developer to join our growing team.

Indicative is on a mission to help businesses build better products through data. Indicative is the only Product Analytics platform for modern data infrastructure designed for teams to leverage complex analysis on customer behavior without the need for SQL, analytic languages, or data analysts.

The ideal candidate for this role is an experienced Java software development engineer who is excited to work on mission-critical software and architectures and has a proven track record of delivering outstanding products at scale. You have a strong understanding of how the JVM functions internally and can speak comfortably on topics such as memory allocation, garbage collection, and bit shifting.

This role will be a critical member of Indicative’s engineering leadership with a tangible influence on our product direction.


  • Implement new functionality and analyses in Indicative's real-time distributed query engine using cutting edge technologies while working massive data sets
  • Research and develop solutions to help scale our systems and eliminate performance bottlenecks emphasizing high scalability, high reliability, and low latency
  • Build systems to support easier integration of customer data


  • Minimum five years work experience as a software/infrastructure engineer, including significant experience with scalable distributed systems architectures using modern commercial cloud infrastructure (we use a mix of web servers, containers, load balancers, databases, message queues, and caches from the big providers)
  • You have a solid CS foundation — you're able to justify the data structures, algorithms, and techniques used in your code, and you're able to analyze it with regard to time/space complexity
  • Demonstrated ability to estimate timelines, prioritize tasks, set and meet deadlines, and collaborate with a broader team
  • You've demonstrated a track record of shipping quality products
  • You're able to build articulate and justify trade-offs when architecting new functionality
  • You're a great communicator


  • You have experience with distributed data stores like Cassandra, HBase, Hive, Druid, Clickhouse, etc
  • You have experience in data science and/or machine learning techniques
  • You have strong experience utilizing cloud providers such as AWS or GCP


  • Our culture is all about empowering individuals to perform at their highest potential. This means autonomy and flexible work hours — we trust that you’ll get the work done in a way that meets your work-life balance needs
  • Awesome team culture: No politics, little formal hierarchy, and one that values independence
  • A fast-growing company with lots of opportunities for learning and personal growth
  • Friendly and intelligent co-workers who are the BEST in their respective fields
  • Be a key player in the direction of the company and product
  • A successful management team that has experience in building and selling profitable businesses
  • Competitive compensation rates, full benefits, and 401(k)
  • A computer of your choice, extra monitors, special hardware